Tag: Blingdenstone


  • Burrow Warden Kargien Dissengulp

    Burrow Warden Kargien Dissengulp, the leader of the gnome expedition, has set up a headquarters in a small building just outside the temple entrance. Kargien led the svirfneblin here over forty years ago, and his face is lined with care. He despairs as …

  • Briddick

    Your guide is a svirfneblin explorer named Briddick, who is slender with slate-gray skin, a bald head, and wide, gray eyes.

  • Henkala Shadowsong

    The proprietor of Phantasmal Glamours survived the fall of the city more than a hundred years ago. She stays in this cavern, feebly trying to reassemble her shop. Lively in conversation, her face and eyes are still bright despite the decrepitude of her …

  • Jalless

    Female deep gnome healer. Talkative and friendly if she gets help, otherwise she's too busy tending to the wounded to be bothered.

  • Gurmadden Stonesinger

    An eager young bard, is striving to recreate the effect of the stones. Gurmadden is cheerful and earnest, and he welcomes adventurers who show any interest in his work. However, he is unlikely to get results without help.

  • Fendrick Pestle

    A middle-aged gnome named Fendrick Pestle manages the supplies and shares the sentries’ grim demeanor. He is concerned about dwindling provisions and the quality of the gnomes’ weapons. Fendrick believes that, unless they can find a reliable source of …

  • Pingtu

    Pingtu was an acolyte studying under Bendekik, but Pingtu hasn’t been here long. Further, his expertise is limited, and the Speaking Stones' silence has him stumped.

  • Gallus

    Speaks Common, Dwarven, Gnome, and Terran, the language of earth creatures. A leader among the pechs here, he can convince his people to help.

  • Miglin Crackedquartz

    Stands just over three feet tall and weighs a few dozen pounds. He has gray skin, one bulging black eye, and a patch over the other eye. He is gruff and acerbic, as well as oily and a little smelly. Most of his time is spent complaining or offering boring …