Miglin Crackedquartz


AC 12; 10 hp; pick +1 (1d6 piercing); Underdark Lore +6, Spot +5 Keen Senses: Miglin and any party he is with cannot be surprised.


Stands just over three feet tall and weighs a few dozen pounds. He has gray skin, one bulging black eye, and a patch over the other eye. He is gruff and acerbic, as well as oily and a little smelly. Most of his time is spent complaining or offering boring reports about the various properties of nearby rocks. He’s also concerned more with gemstones than he is with the people around him. When not guiding folks through the Underdark, Miglin wanders Blingdenstone, making notes about the caverns and passages.

Miglin Crackedquartz

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