Marsinda Goldspinner

High Master of Hammerfast


The High Master of Hammerfast and the leader of the Trade Guild is a tough, elderly dwarf who refuses to suffer fools. She speaks in a rapid-fire, direct manner, and she believes in action over words. In Marsinda’s eyes, a good plan executed today is far better than a perfect plan implemented tomorrow.

Marsinda is popular among the common folk of Hammerfast and with many of the important movers and shakers in town. The dwarves appreciate her candor and aggressive bearing, and the nondwarves see her as a patron of sorts. Marsinda cares little for petty grievances. She would let an army of trolls camp in town if it was in the town’s best interest.

Marsinda’s hair is brown, and she dresses in royal blue and sports a small fortune in jewelry. Her many admirers refer to her as the Lady of Gold; her enemies sarcastically refer to her as the Queen.

Marsinda Goldspinner

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