Friendly farmer, handyman, talkative


Tall, sturdy, and extremely friendly, this bearded farmer is the guy you’d want as a passerby if you ever got yourself into trouble. Aram prides himself on his usefulness and his willingness to help. He knows first aid, how to do basic repairs to almost anything, and has a backlog of useful trivia. Full of stories about the random people he’s helped in the past, it can be difficult to get Aram to stop talking. Despite being married and the father of ten or so children (all of whom look disturbingly like him), Aram particularly wants to come to the aid of beautiful young ladies (whether they need it or not) but has no conscious awareness of his own lustiness. Has an irritating habit of chuckling at inappropriate times. Your PCs will probably like this guy right away, but then find him more and more unnerving.



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