An Imperial Conflict

Session 5

Return to the Caves

After escaping the Caves and killing Ashar, the party went back to Albridge to rest. Upon their return, a reporter from the Fallcrest Gazetteer, Argyle Hurst, grilled them on their exploits for a feature story. The adventurers were happy to oblige as long as the drinks kept coming.

After a several days, a visitor arrived from Fallcrest, named Kendon Longstrider. Claiming to be a Knight in service to the Eye of Justice, word of the evil residing in the Caves of Chaos had reached the Fallcrest chapter via Roma Featherton. Diviners from the Eye discovered that there was a fissure to the Abyssal plane located within the Caves that must be destroyed. Kendon’s superiors sent him to Albridge to take care of this festering source of evil. Not wanting to sully his new armor, Kendon had heard of the adventurers and recruited them to destroy the evil for him, for a price of course. Giving them a divining rod and a scroll of Cleansing, Kendon set them off to destroy the fissure and retrieve any artifacts of evil for proper disposal.

On the way back to the caves, the party encountered a farmer, Aram in a panic looking for help. A neighboring farm was overrun with undead and there were people trapped in the farmhouse that needed help! The adventurers destroyed the zombies and freed the farmer’s wife and daughters, receiving proper “payment” for their help.

Arriving at the caves, the party was lead back into the Dark Circle Cabal’s cave. This time, they found the Evil Chapel. Behind a giant tapestry on the South wall, the party found the fissure. They also began to destroy the alter, but this action set off an alarm down the hall that brought guardians of undeath to the chapel. They fought off the guardians, destroyed the alter and cleansed the chapel which closed the fissure. But there was still more evil to cleanse in that cave.


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