An Imperial Conflict

Session 4

The Dark Circle Cabal

The party went back and explored the caves of Dark Circle Cabal. The found evidence that the cabal was in financial dire straights and had turned to kidnapping and ransom as a means to fund their evil experiments. After hearing that the hobgoblins had captured a high-ranking dwarf from Hammerfast, they had negotiated a price for the head of Kellem Schneiderweisse, not knowing that they had actually captured his head brewer instead.

The party then found the Temple of Evil Chaos. In an attempt to cleanse the temple, the party decided to set all the tapestries on fire.

In the anteroom to the high priest’s chambers, the party found a set of nine gold-leafed cups, and a solid gold flagon. Not wanting to take any chances of the items being cursed, they carefully removed the flagon and placed it in a sack, tied to a rope, and dragged it behind them.

In the high priest’s chambers, they came across Ashar himself. After a tough battle, they destroyed his body, looted the room of its treasures and made a hasty escape through a secret door before the smoke from the burning tapestries in the temple overcame them.


And just how did these brave adventurers know about these cursed items and this secret door? Must have been some kind of divine (meta-gaming) intervention.

Session 4
KelseyRoth KelseyRoth

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